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Future-Ready Living: Fox Blocks ICF in Edmonton

Thinking about building your dream home in Edmonton, Alberta? If so, you’re likely exploring innovative construction methods to ensure a residence that stands the test of time. Enter Fox Blocks Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) – the game-changer in modern construction.

Why Fox Blocks?

  1. Swift Construction, Substantial Savings Fox Blocks enable faster construction, translating to significant cost savings. Build better, build efficiently, and reduce labor needs.

  2. All-Season Protection for Net Zero Living Edmonton’s weather can be extreme, but Fox Blocks provide resilient construction that stands up against the elements. Achieve net-zero goals with a lifetime of energy savings.

  3. Built for Tomorrow’s Standards, Today Fox Blocks’ double-insulated, steel-reinforced concrete walls are not just for today; they’re ready for future building codes and design styles.

  4. Proven Strength Across Diverse Projects From residential to commercial projects, Fox Blocks have showcased their strength. Check out the Discovery Elementary School build, a testament to their success.

The Six Elements that Make Fox Blocks Superior:

  1. Rebar Support for Unmatched Strength Fox Blocks boast one of the strongest wall assemblies, exceeding safety and durability requirements. Ideal for both below and above-grade walls.

  2. Double-Layer Insulation for Comfort Experience superior thermal comfort, energy savings, and sound mitigation with an impressive R-value of 23.5+. Achieve Zero Energy Ready builds effortlessly.

  3. Monolithic Wall Air Barrier for Climate Control Fox Blocks exceed airtightness standards, creating a continuous air barrier for comfortable indoor environments and enhanced climate control.

  4. Natural Vapor Barrier for Healthier Spaces With a PERM rating of <1.0, Fox Blocks eliminate moisture intrusion, mold, and rot concerns, ensuring healthier air quality.

  5. Embedded Fastening Strips for Versatile Finishes Achieve solid attachment for any exterior or interior finish without compromising thermal efficiency. From brick to siding, Fox Blocks have you covered.

  6. Reversible Interlock for Efficiency Fox Blocks’ design minimizes construction time and waste with a solid 2” parallel friction fit connection. Easy, versatile, and fast to assemble.

Benefits of Choosing Fox Blocks in Edmonton:

  1. Customizable Designs for Every Dream With various shapes, sizes, and core thicknesses, Fox Blocks can bring any design to life. Compatible with a range of exterior and interior finishings.

  2. Indoor Comfort and Tranquil Living Fox Blocks provide unparalleled indoor comfort, effectively managing moisture, airflow, and sound for an enhanced living experience.

  3. Weather the Elements with Confidence Meeting and surpassing safety standards for various projects, Fox Blocks ensure a durable construction that withstands the challenges of Edmonton’s climate.

  4. Savings That Last a Lifetime Fox Blocks’ performance characteristics can dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs, making Net Zero Energy goals achievable.

In summary, Fox Blocks ICF is your ticket to a future-ready, efficient, and resilient home in Edmonton. Ready to embark on your construction journey? Choose Fox Blocks and build the Edmonton home of tomorrow, today.

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